The Kayak

Danish Design

The kayak Unplugged is designed by Søren Telling, who has led kayak expeditions in the most deserted parts of the world.


Everyone under 185cm will easily fit the kayaks. Because of the adjustable footrests inside the cockpit, the kayak will comfortably fit children

Easy access

The kayaks have a medium keyhole cockpit design that enables optimal sailing technique, but at the same time is not too narrow at the front, so it is easy to get in and out of the kayak.


In the design of the hull, we have emphasized stability, but at the same time ensured that the kayak can also achieve speed. As bottom shape we have chosen a flat design with a light v-shaped wedge, which is optimal for the feeling of stability.

retractable fin

The kayak has a retractable fin. The control box is located next to the hip, making it easy to operate. In addition, we have embedded two support points in the fin housing, so that the fin itself is better kept in place during use.